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Genuine Lexmark 34/35 Ink Cartridge - 2 Pack

Your Price: $25.99
Part Number: 1366042
Availability: In Stock
Genuine Lexmark 34 Black and Lexmark 35 Color Ink Cartridge 2 Pack in original foil packaging. Does not come in retail box.  Used by date will vary and is guaranteed to work.

Compatible Lemark models:
  • P4330 AIO, P4350 MFP, P6250 AIO, P6350 AIO, P915, X2500, X2530, X2550, X3330 AIO, X3350 MFP, X3530, X3550, X4530, X4550, X5070, X5075, X5250 MFP, X5270 MFP, X5320, X5340, X5370, X5410, X5450, X5470, X5495, X7170 MFP, X7300, X7350, X8350 AIO, Z815, Z816, Z1300, Z1310, Z1320, Z1410, Z1420, Z845

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