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Genuine HP 940XL Ink Cartridge - 4 Pack

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Part Number: 1365534
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Genuine HP 940XL Ink Cartridge in Foil Packaging 4-Pack. Does not come in retail box.  Used by date will vary and is guaranteed to work. 

In the case of an expired cartridge method please do one of the following depending on the prompt of your printer:

1.  Press and HOLD the printer’s ‘Reset/Resume’ button for five (5) seconds.


2. – Press and HOLD the Power button, press Resume button 3 times, then release the Power button (older HP 8500 models only)

Compatible HP models:
  • Officejet: 8000 - A811a
  • Officejet Pro: 8000, 8000 Wireless, 8500, 8500A, 8500 - A909a, 8500A - A910a, 8500A Plus, 8500A Plus - A910g, 8500A Premium, 8500A Premium - A910n, 8500 Premier, 8500 Premier - A909n, 8500 Wireless, 8500 Wireless - A909g

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